is committed to empowering our constituency with objective, trustworthy, and accurate information. We created a website for authoritative and evidence-based best practices protocols that are guaranteed to influence everyone who visits our website. We implement this by the following platforms:


Social Change

 If you understand the energy in this country and comprehend the magnitude of increased mental health issues, food
shortages, homelessness, addictions, medications, divorces, abuse cases, unemployment, and racially motivated crimes then you know we need evidence-based solution-driven platforms. is mandated to assist our communities with free registrations for any and all non-profits and help organizations that provide relief for these situational demographics. Our goal of altruistic endeavors begins by
providing a platform for women and children, men, and families to find shelter and food in this COVID climate, especially as winter and medical experts predictions advocate for increased measures in safety and social distancing. No doubt, the ability to find a food bank or health
clinic on your phone by searching our website will assist. Please spread the word. Organizations, churches, and non-profits providing such services please place your information on our Social Change page link for people in need to find you. The cost is free and the magnitude of helping a child, mother, or family in need is priceless. Having worked in this field of endeavor for years produces opportunities to assist others
that aren’t normally available. is a leader in
providing solutions because everyone acknowledging the problem absolutely solves nothing.


Economic Influence

Economic Influence- Minority and small businesses are going to be available via our directory for your holiday shopping opportunities. The plan is simple, shop online at our directory and saves businesses and communities that this administration expects to close. Indeed, as we approach 237,000 deaths from COVID alone, we simply can’t trust him to resolve and save our businesses. Just as we readily acknowledge the miraculous stimulus checks will soon be distributed, they also have that money already earmarked as well. Corporate America is counting on you padding their pockets because researchers note, only 2-3% of your income is spent on these very same businesses in your communities or black-owned businesses. That’s why they blatantly forecast 41% or more closing by New Year’s eve. In actuality, we have always had this POWER. Undeniably, if just 35% of black and minority consumers purchase from black and minority businesses then that number of closings dramatically reduces. Support your black and minority businesses today. Indeed, black, Hispanic, and Native American folks are undeniably more susceptible to death from COVID, become unemployed, suffer food shortages, become addicted and a victim of violence at the hands of another or police. We owe ourselves and this
nation every opportunity to heal and rebuild together. challenges everyone to tell another friend to shop and sell on our website. If you are a business in dire straights contact us and we will allow you to post your wares for sale, at no cost. Our goal is simple, opportunities need to be present to be explored, and we need to support each other regardless of color. We will also have an “events” page designed for one time events/announcements such as parties, births, Happy Birthdays, congratulations -graduations, crossings into fraternities, sororities, milestones of 50 years of marriage, employment milestones, etc.,. This will cost $2.99 each for up to 30 days. Upload flyers or posters. Not excluding workshops and seminars. Again, if you have any questions our Chief Financial Officer’s information is located on the contact page.


Political Awareness

Knowledge is extremely powerful. Moreover, the TRUTH is undefeated. promotes inspiration in every level of government because truth is, most folks don’t understand how intricate this paradigm of voting power encompasses. It is extremely disconcerting that a generation of young and talented folks from varying backgrounds and races are united and demanding equality. The constituency is WOKEN and demanding answers to questions unanswered and ignored for centuries. Women’s rights are a stake.

Civil rights are being eviscerated daily. This administration placed an estimated 200 males, all white and conservative in lifetime positions. Even the Supreme Court is unbalanced due to pushing a nomination through 8 days before an election. In most other years, the republicans would be home pounding the campaign trails. will continuously provide roadmaps to candidates and their agendas. We have to stay vigilant and prepared as our democracy is at stake. wants to be your centralized source for every upcoming political platform. We readily acknowledge that there is entirely more good than bad out here in this country and world. Be Encouraged.

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