The person above is alleged to have committed several atrocities while serving as the U.S. Representative for the wonderful state of conformity, FLORIDA. This one has repeatedly exacerbated the stolen election fraudulent claim(s) and staunchly mocked those who chose to wear masks to protect others. Indeed, he is engaged, and yet, he and his pal, Greenberg, also married, have quite a few paramours that seem to spend more time with them than their lifetime partners.

Gaetz has provided racists remarks, been the sole holdout, ironically, in a bill that targeted sex trafficking, and aligned with the Marjorie Greene led NATIVISTS’ organizing in Congress. He initiated an extremely childish and ignorant call to another sitting member of Congress with his pal, Greenberg. That call alone reveals a deeply rooted ENTITLEMENT that is prevailing in this new party of “45”. Former House Speaker John Boehner provided in-depth revelations about such tomfoolery. From calling Ted Cruz “Lucifer in the Flesh” to acknowledging the deep state rhetoric is appallingly sad, there is a growing separatists’ movement by some of our very elected officials. is going to continually acknowledge these “patriotic” folks. To be fair, exposing them is the very least, we must support their adversaries who are politically driven to promote equality and balance. It cannot ever be stated enough that if BLM had even thought of attacking the Capital, most would be DEAD and many more wounded and scarred. This isn’t for debate. Yet, Congressman Jim Jordan’s accusations that he wasn’t concerned with the “patriots” showing “LOVE” for their country by overtaking the very semblance of DEMOCRACY in this country. SMDH.

Promoting candidates who look like and sound like you and your circle of friends and family members. Younger and more vital persons who can actually relate to this generation of knowledgeable lifelong learners. It’s time for Gerrymandering and JIM CROW laws to disappear, once and for all. Take any Congressman or woman who supports voter oppression and JIM CROW advocacy with you!!! Enough is enough. We need politicians who support and protect all their constituents. We need American leadership that’s younger, and more in line with our nation’s growth and diversity. We want less Cruz and Greg Abbott, as these racist politicians are about to face stiff and powerful challengers.


The time is now for our leadership at our HBCUs to stand up and walk in step with Stacey. Time for us to get into some more GOOD TROUBLE!!! We are our BROTHER’S and SISTER’s Keepers and we’ve been doing it since we established our own educational network. It is time for the next level of achievement in this foundation we’re creating. Unification and dissemination of voting rights and legislative impact are paramount moving forward. Our agendas must include comprehension of who is designing and implementing the laws. Watch the fallout from us becoming “WOKE” a term that we acknowledge but aren’t embracing. Again, trying to control the narrative. We are learning and increasing our POWER via knowledge. Everyone isn’t the same and yet we share a common goal of equality and peace. It’s possible, but ask yourself, WHY?, are they fighting so hard to keep the very RIGHT that is allegedly for all? Who cares, we understand what’s at stake and let’s continue to move forward and stay in GOOD TROUBLE!!!

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