Restoration is defined as bringing back to a former condition. Indeed, America is needing to advance in several aspects, especially where minorities and women are concerned. However, we must increase our production in providing opportunities for everyone in every field of human endeavor. We need more Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and less 45. More folks in Congress and legislative positions who have worked bartending jobs than attending entitlement events created to push agendas unhealthy and unkind. Simply put, people who can relate and understand the issues most Americans are facing on a daily basis. We deserved better than the reality show we, unfortunately, signed up for in 2016. Indeed, he lost that election too, and we have the Electoral college to thank for this dysfunctional leadership, but, there is light at the end of the tunnel. Is it half empty or half full? Optimistic or pessimistic, the choice is always yours. presents a question for all to ask themselves. Why not you? You should be embracing the challenges that we all face in order to conquer this virus with unity and obedience. More importantly, each of us has gifts, and manifesting those should be our paramount concern. Now is your time to implement your plan quietly and quickly. Attach yourself to a purpose, your mission, your personal calling. Lose those hangers-on and thieves of your talents. The universe didn’t give it to them YOUR VISION or TALENTS. This will produce energy and focus while providing your peace. Unplug from all the chaos that 45 and his cult continue to present. In truth, you’re not starting over but from an experienced vantage point. You can now build your DREAMS better!!!

The truth is you will NEVER receive your worth from THE CAPITALIST system. It doesn’t work that way. You will always produce more than you are paid. Indeed, future entrepreneurs will be required to possess many skill sets. Your ability to value people and relationships over process is of prime importance. Rules are simply guidelines to make educated decisions in a situation, not some firm road to follow and embrace. Adaptability to ever-changing markets and technology are vital. More importantly, your ability to collaborate while achieving the above protocols will attribute directly to your success. We all learned from the year 2020 and “45” that sometimes we just have to stay in the moment and use the data we have while remaining “open” to new ideas in an ever-shifting social and economic environment. Sounds difficult until you consider the following:

1.) We have become doctors, lawyers, teachers, business owners, authors, musicians, military men and women, and homeowners in a society that has laws that were designed to thwart us from these achievements.

2.) Notwithstanding voter intimidation, “Gerrymandering” and the Electoral College’s dysfunctional history, we have exercised our RIGHT to vote and continue to gain insight into the operations of the political realm. Remember everyone in Georgia must vote BLUE. This will level the playing field for the moment, but, we have work to do.

3.) Only 56 years ago, not long after we stopped being second class citizens, the CIVIL RIGHTS ACT was enacted. Countering centuries of entitlement and racism will be continuous and necessary, but, we are built for this moment. BELIEVE IN YOURSELF. is committed to providing solutions and we appreciate your support. We have also listened to your feedback and changes are coming. We THANK YOU for your time and value your experiences and feedback. We’re generational and look forward to being your website’s favorite website.

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