Inspirational Rationale to believe again our country, despite wicked leadership and a looming pandemic’s second wave. Optimism is in your POWER, and is mandating that we use our power to return to prominence and peace.

We’re at a crossroads in America, however, the following reasons will enlighten your FAITH in your fellow Americans. It’s why we know that there are more conscious and accountable individuals in our country than unconscious racist ones. It is why today,

offers HOPE and LOVE instead of fear-mongering and anxiety. Believe in yourself and your fellow man. Let’s start some


Mental Health

1.) Mental Health has deteriorated under his administration and researchers are bracing for a tsunami after this election. Often undetected amongst the “elite”, mental health has become frontline material, and rightfully so. We cannot expect someone who makes fun of handicapped people to lead our nation back from where we are and continue to accelerate towards creating a healthy and healing environment that’s all-inclusive. His temperament reminds most of a petulant child, one who has control of our black box. This administration has failed veterans (see #8) and those suffering from increased societal issues that effective and altruistic leadership truly would have resolved, and made America Great Again.


Financial Health

2.) Financial Health in your 4 largest cities: New York, Houston,
Chicago and Los Angeles currently have been eviscerated by the ongoing pandemic that 45 continues to state is “turning the corner”.Food scarcity and savings depletions are commonplace in households and communities that haven’t experienced such before. Moreover, according to the scientist, we need to brace for an onslaught of COVID-related financial impact, as we’ve never thought of before this winter.  Excuses never explain and explaining never excuses. FACTS!!!!


Hate Crimes

3.) Hate crimes are up 226% nationwide. “Standback and Standby” a comment celebrated by a racist and homophobic national right-wing group came directly from his mouth. The leader of our country explicitly became complicit in any acts of violence they and other ignorant racists on either side, commit moving forward. This is unacceptable, voting him out is only the beginning of retribution, and coupled with the events in Michigan in reference to Governor Whitmer and her family, this reprehensible statement reveals character and is legacy-defining. He’s been producing fear-mongering and racist statements since 1973 with his dad. Fear not, for we are heading to better days because there is more good than bad in this world.


Women's Rights

4.) Women’s rights are in a very dangerous position. 45 has literally placed over 200 cisgenic, conservative, white male federal judges in ifetime positions since the “electoral college” placed him in office in 2016. There hasn’t been any Latino or black, men or women, in this parade of white men, that has shifted our ideology towards extreme conservatism. Researchers acknowledge this places everything RBG
championed for in jeopardy, as she simply wasn’t anyone’s handmaid. Coney serves a right-wing, overtly conservative sect of society that is in stark contrast to our deceased RBG. This is troubling and very disconcerting. In truth, the Republicans are banking on your ignorance and if we do not vote them all out, we are complicit, by inactivity.


Chinese Bank Accounts

5.) Chinese Bank accounts secretly maintained during your presidency are all you need to know about 45’s re-election.
Unbelievably, you manufactured this campaign of  FAKE PROPAGANDA about a “CHINESE VIRUS” while paying more tax money and buying over a billion tons of goods from China. No doubt, full disclosure and showing the nation, exactly what is in your “SECRET” China account is more than enough reason to NOT RE-ELECT this misleading business failure to lead our country. Are you listening to us, the electoral college? We do not need 45 to fix 45’s ineptitude.


Treatment of Children

6.) “There can be no keener revelation of a society’s soul, then the way it treats its children.” NELSON MANDELA We placed kids in cages. We have over 525 looking for their parents this upcoming holiday season. His response was that he ended what he began!!! Enough said, more importantly, why aren’t you developing a plan to unite them this holiday season?



7.) Misogynistic is a term that defines 45. His own words reference grabbing the “lady part” because he can and he’s rich. Three marriages and 5 kids later, while 26 women have sexual assault cases pending this is his legacy. Notwithstanding, allegations of having affairs with children when his “good guy” friend named Jeffrey had a whole island of secrets. The repeated comments about his own daughter, whether on Stern’s show or with Joy are enough to make any real father cringe. There is consistency to be found in his remaining 26 alleged sexual assault claims if you research. For example, his verbal assassinations against THE SQUAD are just nasty, unapologetically racist, sexist, and not what the leader of this country should participate in. He’s a reality show bigot who consistently has extramarital affairs. We’ve had enough. Tell corporate America that we will not be pawns in this systemic and archaic mentality. BLACK FRIDAY 2020.


National Security

8.) National Security has to become a paramount concern for anyone who considers themselves invested in actually “making AMERICA relevant and respected again. Facts are that we are the laughingstock of the world. 45 has fondled Putin and Kim while they manipulate and destroy the very fabric of our brand across the world. He’s a draft dodger that had bone spurs. He made fun of John McCain being captured. He wasted valuable time and placed efforts that brought absolutely nothing but shame to our diplomatic efforts. He must be held accountable. Did you know that our veterans are taking their own lives at an astronomically advanced rate? Right now. 45 has provided nothing for relief. He can’t relate, nor does he want to. His disrespect and disdain for our beloved veterans are appalling. He even stole credit for President Obama’s initiatives.


The national consciousness of our future is at stake in 8 days.

9.) The national consciousness of our future is at stake in 8 days. Despite popular voters showing their disdain for his administration’s overtly inept handling of any paramount concerns that necessitate immediate directives and planning, the president refuses to listen to the constituency he allegedly represents. His cavalier attitude is condescending and only exacerbates anxiety and unrest. Not a single all-inclusive speech that unifies us all. Moreover, he has repeatedly reminded us that there are good folks on both sides?



10.) COVID, COVID, & COVID. At the present moment over 227,000 people have succumbed to this vicious virus. Scientists and researchers continue to warn us that ‘WINTER is COMING” and yet, 45, has continued to rebuke any scientific knowledge and maintain that we are “turning the corner.” This is beyond condescending and just dangerous to society. Continuously holding rallies of people who are listening to his unconscious and ill informed rhetoric about this being a hoax, while Bob Woodard’s recordings reveal a man hellbent on becoming the worst man ever to reside in The White House’s oval office. Leadership and temperament are imperative for healing and restoration in our communities, cities, and families. It’s not going to happen under his watch. Matter of fact, he’s presently disbanding healthcare for most with no plan in place. Despite assurances that he’d have a better one for over 3 plus years. He’s literally threatened to withhold stimulus checks because he wanted to control your voting prowess. Not one single iota above is FAKE NEWS or misleading information. To the contrary, a little research would open “Pandora’s Box” for everyone of these 10 notifications. Please vote and encourage others to do so. Unless you’re adverse to healing and making our country respected and powerful again.

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