“ The electoral college isn’t about fairness at all: it’s about empowering some voters over others. Every vote should be (EQUAL) in America, no matter who you are or where you come from. The right thing to do is to establish a popular Vote.” Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

Circleofpower.net needs every registered citizen in Georgia to vote for Reverend Raphael G. Warnock and Jon Ossoff on January 5th, 2021. The reasons are palpable to anyone who has witnessed the last 4 years of dysfunctional leadership. In truth, after watching 45’s incompetent leadership and unification tactics, his staunch support for racists, the neverending abundance of misogynistic overtures and sexual assault cases, embarrassing and unprecedented failed foreign policies, and continuous the United States self-sabotaging antics as we inch closer to January 20, 2021, we should all understand the need to research our political leaders moving forward.

Loeffler, who’s husband directly controls the NEW YORK STOCK EXCHANGE has been quite comfortable expounding racist and ignorant views with the entitlement and cockiness of “45”, while increasing her financial portfolio in a pandemic via the stock market. Mr. Perdue hasn’t done bad financially himself either. Both are continuing to disrespect every voter in Georgia and undercut our democracy by supporting “45’s” claims of a stolen election. Ironically, those same ballots they continue to question have placed several other conservatives in office. The “alleged” fraud only happened to the “temperamental” one. Picture that. Circleofpower.net is empowering our base in 2021 with knowledge of candidates and their platforms. We will continue to advocate for any person(s) regardless of political affiliation that promotes:

1.) Equality for all men and women in all fields of human endeavor.
2.) Justice reforms and law enforcement accountability.
3.) Popular voting utilization and elimination of the electoral college.
4.) Provides leadership and unifying agendas/platforms.
5.) Promotes term limits for legislative members.
6.) The evisceration of “Qualified Immunity” from this earth. The ability to harm or kill another human being by law enforcement is out of control. We cannot continue to allow persons with badges to murder our black and brown men and women. Presently, another 111 men and women have died at the hands of police since George Floyd’s death. That’s crazy and that MUST STOP!!!

Understanding that all politicians are prone to be whimsical and change with the political winds, it is best to choose your poison wisely. Knowledge of every elected official’s stance on racism and policing is mandatory. You must know does he or she support “qualified immunity” or limiting terms in Washington. Due to the current disregard for democracy, these questions/concerns must be addressed in every upcoming election. Look no further than “45” trying to run for 12 years without winning a single popular vote to date.

I played basketball growing up and losing wasn’t a favorite pastime when on the hardwood. However, if the other team scored more points, we lost. In high school, college, dirt bowls, or open gym. Evidently, the current resident in the oval office missed gym class repeatedly. To be sure, 82 points is more than 74 points.

Mismanagement of funding currently has 45 allegedly having “redirected” over $10.5 million donated dollars to his personal businesses. In truth, he never divested his interests and that was a problem from the beginning. Estimates vary on the amount of the checks we the constituency pay every time 45 golfs at his own resorts and stays at his own hotels. Secret service members are the pay source requirement he utilizes. All these checks being paid directly to trump inc., (small caps on purpose) and maybe, just maybe he will pay more than $750 in taxes this year. Circleofpower.net maintains that paying China over $500 million in taxes while boasting of paying $750 to the country you repeatedly found ways not to serve, amounts to the American voters needing to wake up!!!

At the very root of all this is an inadequate understanding of our political voting power. The very nature of any democracy is in the POWER of the “constituency” or its people. Unlike Russia or North Korea’s dictatorships, we are allegedly founded upon principles framed by a democratic platform. Presently, we have “45” devoid of any leadership capabilities. Like a petulant child, he continues to sow discord and chaos for the American people. Setting traps and snares for the upcoming administration and the people he swore to protect. Relying on his cult of followers and so many off the wall conspiracy groups that Hollywood can’t keep up, “45” creates chaos purposely to distract you from comprehending that he’s unable to actually lead anyone or anything. The solution is to educate ourselves and create a constituency of knowledgeable voters who hold legislatures accountable. Institute the checks and balances necessary and preventative of what we are witnessing today.

Obedience is key to growth and developing a society to combat the “lawlessness” currently leading our country. “45” didn’t divest his interests in his own businesses because he’s not patriotic, he’s selfish and greedy. He gets a check from the American people every time he visits his own resorts and another every time he goes golfing. To date, he’s gotten 425 checks from visiting his own places and another 319 for golfing!!! This type of “pork” and “tomfoolery” along with paying a whopping $750 in taxes should make you sick to your stomach. We didn’t elect him, he lost both elections according to the people, or popular vote. Let that sink in.

Let these last days and actions of chaos and racist overtures be your starting point. Ignite your passion and continue creating your purpose of understanding that we must educate ourselves about our political leaders. Political awareness is mandatory for everyone. Establishing equality and transparency at every level in the Judicial, Executive, and Legislative branches of government. Circleofpower.net is loyal to our purpose and we will be a force in political awareness. Why is the outgoing president sending out nearly 550 emails seeking funding? How is this legal? We are witnessing the evolution of organized chaos, however, we don’t and will not be participating.

Circleofpower.net is fact-based, best practices produced knowledge for the masses. We are the TRUTH. That’s what we all need and we will provide. THANK YOU for your support and 2021 is just the beginning.


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