loves and supports our Asian brothers and sisters during this ignorant time of racist attacks. We will stand back to back and walk with you as you have with us throughout our current quest for
equality and peace. We love and support our BROWN, YELLOW, WHITE, and BLACK sisters and brothers as well. We are about empowering our communities and building generational wealth. If you can even begin to justify, explain, excuse, or tolerate the following, please leave our website immediately, and never return. You sir, ma’am are a RACIST BIGOT and we don’t have time for that!

And I quote “Thou shalt not make unto thee any graven image” therefore, that golden, six-foot statute of this orange fool a few days ago is sickening and extremely disturbing when the crowd was “Evangelical Christians”. is listening directly to every one of them that has called me the “N” word, and then expects me to spend my money on their products. Continuously sending folks to elected positions that support “Qualified Immunity”. Wake up, people. We have Power. We must unite and it’s NOT ABOUT COLOR!!!! That’s this fool’s platform.



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