Founded on the campus of Indiana University in Bloomington, Indiana, on January 5, 1911, by “THE DREAMER”, aka Elder Watson Diggs, and 9 other distinguished gentlemen, KAPPA ALPHA NU, which would become KAPPA ALPHA PSI, on May 15, 1911. This name change, like everything else, Kappa, was to add distinction and character to the greek letter organization, and respectfully acknowledging other black students in the Greek society established already. Despite rampant racism and not even allowed to attend classes or eat in the university halls, these men graduated with honors and became staples in every field of human endeavor. They were soldiers, physicians, and educators. They formed the first black Fraternity house on Hunter Street due to non-inclusion at the staunchly prejudiced Indiana University staff and student neglect. The “BOND” established that night on campus is exponentially more POWERFUL and evident today. Wherever you may be on this earth, there is a NUPE achieving near you. Without question, that fraternal tree and its seeds sowed that night in Bloomington is reaping fruit available too, and enjoyed by, collegiate men of all races, and religions, or national origin. Nupes are predicated upon and dedicated to, the principles of ACHIEVEMENT through a democratic fraternal process through and through.

Shout out to ALPHA UPSILON CHAPTER, founded March 1, 1935, at Kentucky State University, formerly, Kentucky Normal and Industrial Institute for Colored Persons.

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