What have you done for yourself?
What have you done for your mental health? (Yeah, yeah)
I even tried the drugs and they didn’t help
Short term fix, that breaks everything else (Oh, Oh)
And my bros keep throwing me these random girls in stallions
I need the best advice, went across the street to Khaled (oh)
He said the major key is to be strong on your own
Lose your other half, you’re never off balance
Looking for love in somebody else
That I probably should have given to myself
Cycles I need to break in myself
If I’m alone, I’m second to no one else, so (yeah)
“Single Again”, 2020

Circleofpower.net understands that mental health is directly attributed to racism according to researchers at Johns Hopkins. Indeed, we are committed to anti-racism in all that we do. By fostering and cultivating a website entirely devoid of institutional racism, interpersonal racism, and individual racism we seek to eviscerate it at every level and in and all forms. Join us.

KEY DATA from researchers:

1.) Increases of 1.5 million people seeking mental health last year,
pre-pandemic magnified the necessity of mental health awareness in the
The United States. 19% of adults in 2017-18 experienced mental illness.
2.) Suicide ideation increased by an additional 460,000 people since the last
data updates from researchers at JOHNS HOPKINS. That’s a 0.15%
increase before the pandemic.
3.) Youth mental health is worsening across the country. 9.7% of youth have
experienced major depression, up from 9.2% previously. If the child is
bi-racial this rate increases to 12.4%.
4.) Uninsured adults, estimated at 5.1 million are currently needing mental
health assistance.
5.) Over 60% of youth needing mental health assistance did not get any help in
our latest data from 2017-18. Understanding that data is always lacking,
these numbers are approaching astronomical numbers, as data reinforced no
decline since 2011, in any capacity.
6.) Veterans are taking their own lives at an alarmingly disconcerting rate today.
Moreso, than ever before in our history. In fact, more soldiers and former
service members have taken their own lives after getting back “home” than
many of the death tolls from our previous combat wars.

Mental Health is exploding across the country for obvious and not so obvious reasons. Circleofpower.net was created to become an altruistic website that fosters and cultivates opportunities for healthy minds, bodies, and relationships in every field of human endeavor. More importantly, we’re aiming to produce instant access to mental health benefits for the underserved and at-risk populations ignored by this administration the Evangelical Christians are crying over presently. Despite having a 3rd wife, children by 3 women, and 26 waiting sexual assault charges, several of which are “alleged” involving persons under age 16, support for 45 is absolutely astounding from his evangelical base. His son left his wife with 6 children and is now triumphantly parading around one of FOX news ex-employees as if this is normal behavior(s). This writer’s point, in today’s COVID era getting mental health assistance, is “normal” and circleofpower.net is preparing a specific page for development to assist our clients in this growing area of concern for the nation. Food shortages, clothing, housing and employment have only been exacerbated by the political upheaval this administration revels in. At the end of the day, healthy healing energy and opportunities for growth and development of “emotionally intelligent” skills are becoming paramount for achieving peace within.

Indeed, establishing a network that fosters easy access to getting “HELP” from a professionally certified therapist, obtaining shelter for a mother and her displaced children, or simply obtaining a good meal this thanksgiving is our goal. More importantly, as we enter the very dangerous phase of this pandemic, “WINTER Is COMING” circleofpower.net is establishing itself as a national go to a website to obtain these assistance opportunities for the disenfranchised and neglected demographics often ignored by political pundits until election year. These include:

1.) Homeless women, children and men.
2.) Runaway teens
3.) Veterans

By sending us your nonprofit’s or charitable organizations’ information and a brief synopsis of your goals and objectives for the populace to implement, circleofpower.net is creating the America we are supposed to always have been.

We are steadfast in our approach to magnify any helping arm of this society’s helping hands segment. There is absolutely no charge for this registration and opportunity. Circleofpower.net will not change or adjust what you send in for placing on our site. It is your organization’s responsibility to present the who, what, where, and why. We are simply a conduit of positive energy and opportunity.

Our nation needs more access to helping agencies and it is blatantly obvious this administration is focused on anything but altruistic endeavors. Solution-based and professionally driven, we offer this opportunity as a game-changer and permanently a fixture on our site. Remembering that as the holidays approach and this pandemic continues to rage unchecked by this administration’s admittedly blase’ approach it becomes quite palpable that we must unite and protect one another in every possible manner. If you have any ideas, questions or input to assist or guide, we are more than open to it. Circleofpower.net relishes collaboration and fosters development that increases POWER of the people. Thank you for your time.



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