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House of Representatives Member in Oklahoma’s 88th District

As newly elected House lawmakers arrived for freshman orientation, one immediately imbued this current administration’s selfishness and inability to draw attention to anything but herself, and her beliefs. Masks, masks, masks… the one, who will NOT be named on this site is from Georgia, and research reveals her bragging about “MY BODY, MY CHOICE” mask perspective would be quite hilarious if not for almost 250,000 folks dead nationwide. Moreover, she tweeted early Friday morning that masks are oppressive.

Sister Mauree Turner is a 27-year-old Black, gay, Muslim, and nonbinary newly elected member of the House of Representatives. She defeated a Republican Kelly Barlean for the seat. She represents her “shared lived experiences with her constituency” of growing up with a father not there and on SNAP benefits. She is representative of her non-unique upbringing and is dedicated to higher minimum wages, criminal justice reform, and access to health care that is affordable.

Community organizers are becoming synonymous with “overachievers” who are being elected more and more today. In truth, having experiences that most lawmakers cannot relate to, is a definite bonus. Watching her mother work 3 jobs, as her father was incarcerated by “a carceral system built on revenge rather than rehabilitation,” she embodied his Muslim faith after he converted in prison. Astoundingly, there previously were no Black or Latinx representatives from Oklahoma’s 88th district despite having nearly 30% combined constituency membership.

In Oklahoma, incarcerating minorities is big business. Minimum wages are $7.25 an hour, and substance abuse is running higher than national averages according to researchers. No doubt, access to higher education, housing, and employment are not far behind. These mitigating factors contribute directly to increased incarceration and need to be addressed by progressive and legislatures who actually represent what Americans look like today. This is a powerful and resounding message for our young girls, teenage ladies and minority women. As the state’s first “Muslim” lawmaker, she noted that it will be “formative for young Muslim folks to see” her achievements.

Previously, Representative Turner, who dons a “hijab” sang in her mother’s Baptist choir and served as a field director for the American Civil Liberties Union’s criminal justice reform project titled “ Campaign for Smart Justice. Announcing her candidacy only in February amidst this misunderstood pandemic, she ironically stated, “ it has never been a more important time for those closest to our state’s problems to be structuring the solutions.” Being nonbinary in a district frankly known for its progressive stance on sexuality preferences is a non-issue for her
constituency. The 27-year-old promptly won 71% of her voters’ confidence. Mauree is now a “trailblazer”, activist, community organizer, and Muslim member of an ever growing national platform about inclusiveness and what it actually looks like.

“It has never been more important for the next generation to see themselves in our government,” Turner asserted as her journey began. salutes you and your constituency Representative Turner. Indeed, you are creating “A whole new table where everybody eats.”

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