“PURPOSE Is an Incredible Alarm Clock”
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Political Awareness closing Part 1


“Women will only have true equality when men share with them the responsibility of bringing up the next generation”

Ruth Bader Ginsberg is forever embedded in my heart as a woman of extraordinary female empowerment, talent, and pure love. She was passionate, and I hold no other female “jurist” to a higher point of esteem, truly she was a beautiful soul.

Circleofpower.net is about that combined power and representation of knowledge that leads to the best decisions possible in every voting circumstance, especially for women and minorities. Justice Bader-Ginsberg represented that demographic in every sense of the word. If you need a reason to VOTE2020 and beyond, happen to be a female, please allow the following to assist you with your decision to register and VOTE2020.

‘Women belong in all places where decisions are being made. It shouldn’t be that women are the exception.”

Ruth Bader Ginsberg

Theoretically, as a man, this writer envisions a world where my mother, aunties, nieces, female relatives, and all of the women who have shaped my existence, being governed by a jurist that doesn’t acknowledge their gender and viewpoint as ridiculous and condescending. In particular, Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg made a factual observation that “Women will have achieved true equality when men share with them the responsibility of bringing up the next generation.” The current administration’s attempts to get a Supreme Court Judicial candidate named Amy Coney Barrett threatens every progressive step made by RBG. This can be disastrous to the open-minded researcher, yet, it doesn’t stop the perceived and more importantly inherent prejudice ramifications of any systemic misconceptions.

A recent national “WOMEN’S HEALTH SUMMIT held at the White House didn’t have a single woman in the room!!! This administration of cisgender males is truly disrespectful. More importantly, it readily acknowledges the imbalances and need for understanding. Bader-Ginsberg was a life altering figure polarized by her ability to vote and make an impact on this unconscious systemic system. It’s archaic, and until we mobilize and comprehend the system isn’t designed for all inclusion, as it stands, we cannot begin to fix it.


She was born Joan Ruth Bader on March 15, 1933, in Brooklyn, New York.

Influenced early and often by her mother, Mrs. Celia Amster Bader, she was
a lifelong learner who flourished in the face of adversity. Known primarily for fighting for gender discrimination, she actually uninified the liberal block of the court. Despite her mom passing from cancer before high school, and surviving through a “great depression,” she graduated at the top of her class at Cornell. Her father, a fur trader from Odessa, Ukraine, was a Jewish immigrant who overcame many barriers. Bader married her husband and best friend, Martin after they met in college. They began a lifetime of achievement in the field of law and remained best friends until his death. In truth, Martin was” the only man she dated that cared about her having a brain,” she was famous for stating often at lectures. Martin served in the military and upon return, they celebrated their first child in 1955.

“Marty” was brilliant in his own right, yet respected her enough to allow personal growth and pursue ideas that would shape a generation years later, via the Supreme Court. In fact, “Marty” famously expelled Ruth from their kitchen. He understood and acknowledged that she was different and meant to be a game-changing persona in other fields of female empowerment. After enrolling in Harvard Law and supporting Marty as he overcame testicular cancer, RBG excelled in tackling the obstacles of being a mother, wife, and law student. She not only graduated while overcoming gender biased structuring- being one of only nine females in a 500 member law school class, she also dealt with a man in her class mustering the audacity to question her about taking a  scholarship that another man could have had. Furthermore, despite an overarching academia record, Bader faced difficulties finding a job. That was until a Columbia Professor explicitly refused to recommend any other graduates before U.S. District Judge Edmund L. Palmieri, who immediately hired her as a clerk. Two years later, RBG joined the Columbia Project or International Civil Procedure, which allowed her to live abroad, before returning to become the first female professor at Columbia to earn tenure. Ginsberg also directed The Women’s Rights Project of the American Civil Liberties Union during the 1970’s. She successfully argued 6 landmark cases before the U.S. Supreme Court. She has fought not only for women but, for men who were discriminated against as well. Famously, she hid her pregnancy, from her Rutgers colleagues, in order to maintain respect and her honor and not receive any favor from colleagues.
Ruth Bader Ginsberg left this world as a “jurist and activist for women’s rights.”

She spent her entire career empowering women to stand for something and vote to increase your awareness and increase women’s rights and POWER. She is the epitome of that little engine that could. Her spirit and energy are with us as we educate, inform, create, and drive a new generation of female voters. RBG was political awareness in a nutshell. Her attitude was that major social change should not come from the courts, but from Congress and other legislatures. Simply put, she didn’t shy away from giving “pointed advice’ when she felt the need. Invest in your power young girls and teenage women. Read the Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act of 2009. You’re worth it. That’s why circleofpower.net presented her as our female version of why you need to VOTE2020 and beyond. We know that she’s inspirational. We understand how important it was to vote for her and her legislative colleagues. Make it a lifetime commitment. Every female reading this, you owe it to her to vote at the local, state, and national levels.

Circleofpower.net needs you to update your paradigm and become a part of the solution. The answer is you. Thank you.


VOTE2020 and Beyond

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