is listening and more importantly focused on delivering to our base exactly what you have requested. In short, we are making adjustments to our structure and content while adding viewpoints from others that we may not agree with, but, respectfully won’t censure. Creating a platform for TRUTH and KNOWLEDGE that fosters pro-black, pro-brown, and empowers women of all races to be equal. We have representatives from the DIVINE9, community leaders, political affiliations, non-profits. We didn’t say we are anti-anyone, however, this writer admits a strong disconnect and disdain for the current version of slavery called the legal system. One that constantly thwarts older white men as its leadership. In the instant case, America blew it with this reality show and businessman failure. Evangelicals are hilarious and hypocrites.

Every time this writer hears that GOD placed 45 to lead this country, I literally get sick to my stomach. Moving forward, the next time 45 or any legislative elected official says Democrats are trying to make this a socialist country, kindly remind them:

1.) 43% of welfare recipients are white folks. 23% of welfare recipients are black.

2.) 39% SNAP are white recipients are white folk, while 25% Black folks.

Truth is undefeated. Facts are 45 hasn’t won one election to date. Misleading statements or lies are his constant friend. Seems distractions would lead most to forget Mrs. Hillary Clinton beat him by 3.5 million votes and now he’s lost by another 7-8 million. He would be hilarious if this were a reality television show, however, in this context, he is extremely dangerous.

That directs us to the point of this article. is designing the ultimate website for empowering our network of sapiosexual altruistic men and women of the TALENTED TENTH to begin fulfilling their purposes. We are focused on providing answers and inspiring change. Making America look and represent its actual members of society. Indeed, empowering women because it makes us all better is a focal point. Divine9 Achievers stand up and represent. You were created for this very moment. This year didn’t break you, it actually provided you a gateway to produce your creative ingenuity to shine. DON’T YOU DARE

We’re all here for a reason. You conquered 2020 because you have a purpose to fulfill. Everything was a victory or an experience. The landscape has changed and implementing your plan of action should be your paramount concern. wants to be your source for shopping and advertising in this new era of infectious diseases and lockdowns. We’re not here for a season but THE RIGHT REASONS. We’re here for the long term and we thank you for your support.

So while 45 plays games with stimulus checks and an election he continues to lose, despite all the cheating and blatantly biased attempts to manipulate the election in his favor, Americans are suffering and dying. He continues to play golf and collect checks from the constituency he’s literally killing. (NOTE: Every time he plays golf he’s collecting an enormous amount of money directly from the government.) Having lost several relatives, fraternity brothers, and close family friends, this writer holds steadfast to my mothers’ favorite verse “BE STILL.” Amidst the uncertainty of these last days of 45’s reign of terror, solutions remain at the forefront as darker days lay forecast to our restoration. In that realm, if you have any ideas and input, is available to become a part of your elevation. Positive energy is paramount for everyone. Self-care and self-healing mandatory. Stay tuned in 2021, we’re just getting started. BE ENCOURAGED.


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