BLACK FRIDAY 2020 and the expected trillion dollar run begins

November 27, 2020 is the beginning of BLACK FRIDAY 2020 and the expected trillion-dollar run begins. Where we line up and sign up for luxurious items that are “gifts” celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ. Indeed, this country was built on the backs of black and brown...


Researchers note that you have 8 seconds to impactfully address and keep any person’s attention. requests a little more of your time to make an stronomical financial impact this holiday season beginning today. “Many a ruined man dates his downfall...
BLACK FRIDAY  2020  November 27,   2020

BLACK FRIDAY 2020 November 27, 2020 is primed to make this BLACK FRIDAY, November 27th, 2020 actually a day to remember. We plan on creating and establishing a national network focused on black and minority-owned businesses because researchers are expecting another 41% to close by December 31, 2020. Indeed, this cannot and will not happen. embraces the opportunity to centralize and direct all interested parties to advertise and shop via our website.

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