Business is politics in America. For too long, we have been misguided by Jim Crow conditioning and an underappreciation for our own “POCKET POWER” which is quite significant, by any standard. One thing for certain, whenever there is anything successful in the black and or minority community, corporate Amerikkka is not far behind. Think, hip hop, baggy clothes, sneakers, music trends, and social media. We are the leaders in every field of human endeavor, yet, we keep allowing corporate raids on our businesses and communities. Free and fair market shares are quickly immersed in collaborative agendas that erase our growth and developments. Look no further than a certain music streaming company, briefly owned- allegedly by frontman JAY-Z, yet months later sold to a group of investors who aren’t JAY-Z, or look like hip hop heads. It’s a savage game of keep up. Unfortunately, we aren’t aware that we do not have to attend or participate in these manipulative grab haves. Ask, TOO SHORT, MASTER P., and several others who have mastered their own fates. We have to become independent of relying on our oppressors for food, clothing, and water. We are more than capable of achieving independence without being unruly or anti-anything or anyone else. There is not a better time to become self-sufficient and increase our networking and support for minorities and BLACK OWNED BUSINESS.

When you spend 97% of your gross national wealth on folks outside your community and fail to support businesses within your community that are above reproach, you are contributing to your own downfall. It’s honestly that simple. We have black banks and black watchmakers, shoe companies, and financial and educational consultants. Black travel agencies and car lots. You have some of the best crafts and artists with award-winning projects and creative works waiting for you to shop and purchase. More than a few of us are anticipating our upcoming HOMECOMING festivities. Again, ample opportunities for fortifying networks and building collaboratives. is here to provide that vehicle to change and healthy healing energy. We are about producing answers to new-aged business platforms. understands that we have to update our business paradigms to prosper in the 21st century. We are no longer awaiting instructions that contribute to our downfall, we are indeed, blazing trails for the next generation of TALENTED TENTH members.

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