Circleofpower.net is primed to make this BLACK FRIDAY, November 27th, 2020 actually a day to remember. We plan on creating and establishing a national network focused on black and minority-owned businesses because researchers are expecting another 41% to close by December 31, 2020. Indeed, this cannot and will not happen. Circleofpower.net embraces the opportunity to centralize and direct all interested parties to advertise and shop via our website. In this age of COVID and corporate America, $1 trillion in spending is awaiting this holiday season and our purpose is as follows:

1.) An average of $942 per person will be spent this year, up from $885 in 2018 and if we utilize black and minority businesses we empower our communities and save our businesses. More importantly, we increase the disappointing 2-3% usually spent on minority business annually by our own communities. We solely buy, sell, and produce goods from BLACK & MINORITY OWNED only this year. Make it a true BLACK FRIDAY.

The “POCKET POWER” is truly our own. Let’s start some more good trouble!!!

This year we are taking back our power and restoring our black-owned businesses by buying black all day on Black Friday. With 41% of black-owned businesses expected to close, circleofpower.net is excited to lead a collaborative with the purpose of transferring $500 billion dollars towards minority businesses and neighborhoods. Researchers expect a trillion dollars to be spent online via large corporations and online stores. They are already condescendingly sending out advertisements for your stimulus checks. This administration’s disrespectful approach to providing economic relief is quite palpable. They don’t care and can’t relate. They make an average of $4,333.00 per week. They haven’t respected nor cared about our communities and the person’s residing in them. Our local and national black and minority businesses have suffered and we are embracing the opportunity to restore and rebuild better, stronger, and faster networks. It starts now by registering your business and placing your ads on our sponsorship page.


Political leaders are going to provide financial relief eventually, because that’s what politicians who make over $4,333.00 a week must do to provide incentives for reelection and pad big corporations pockets. First of all, everyone knows that Jesus was born in the spring, so this tomfoolery of diving headfirst into debt every fall is not being promoted on this site. In a condescending and predictable move, stimulus checks will be your distraction and also funnel your money right back into their pockets.

You know, that “trickle-down” theory. In fact, they are banking on our complicit cooperation of maintaining a collective unconsciousness to this repetitive ploy.

Indeed, we will create and maintain networks that refurbish and restore our families and communities first. We will buy and support black and brown minority goods at every opportunity. Even to the point of expecting and anticipating delays for goods and services as we institute new ways of completely utilizing black and minority-owned delivery and ordering services. This movement is not only necessary for Covid-19 protocols, but long overdue for our communities  needing empowerment.


Circleofpower.net was created for this very moment. Solution-based and evidence-based best practices designed to produce initiatives and collaborations that inspire growth and development in every field of human endeavor. We are achievers who have overcome obstacles placed by a society hellbent on using and destroying our culture and family structure. Despite all, we are in a position of power, and now is the time to begin empowering our talented tenth and promoting generational wealth. It is the responsibility of the conscious to educate and lead the unconscious amongst us according to Stokley Carmicheal. We are definitely promoting “GOOD TROUBLE”.

Simply put, by producing, buying, and selling everything from minority businesses, especially those in danger of closing due to the pandemic and horrible leadership we can increase our purchase power. By utilizing circleofpower.net to find your bank, buy your clothing, shoes, and automobiles from black-owned car lots and or car salesmen/women. You can promote your music, artistic talents, health care products, and services, educational assistance, sales assistance, personal services, and ideas via our BLACK FRIDAY portal advertising directory on circleofpower.net. We are your website’s favorite website. If it’s educational or talent-laden, it will be on our “economic influence” page. If it pertains to any initiatives of social change we have a page. Political awareness is never-ending and always mandatory for all constituents, whether you vote or not, stay woke. In conclusion, you put your community and minority business first and change the pandemic landscape that was determined to destroy us into a life-altering and empowering production of growth. That money is going to be spent at an average of over $900.00 per person and a trillion dollars in total before 2021. No way we allow our black and minority businesses to go under and continue to support corporations and companies that don’t support you. Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan created The FINAL CALL in 1979 because he understood the importance of presenting uninhibited and uncensored knowledge to our communities. It’s hard-hitting and factually based information is a necessary component for restoration and empowering at-risk communities and individuals. Circleofpower.net is the website following in his footsteps with a vision for 2020 and beyond.

Prices are as follows and sign-up and upload today for viewers to begin shopping before BLACK FRIDAY. Just a few clicks and BOOM 12 months @ $ 9.99 to begin our NATIONAL BLACK FRIDAY 2020 Initiative. That’s 100 words and pictures, links, and product descriptions. You pay and upload your video or presentation for viewers to shop our network for 12 months @ $14.99. Then make sure you spread the word because circleofpower.net is going to change how we do business moving forward.


Today is your opportunity to enroll and initiate your investment in black and minority-owned businesses that promote growth and development. Of course, the actual date is November 27, 2020, when they expect to lure you into their web of deceit and misinformation. Presently, we know that 45 is losing the popular vote by an estimated 5 million votes. Therefore, his only hope is the “electoral college” and its misdirection or simply providing checks as a distraction while he steals another 4 years. That’s not happening and we encourage everyone to vote today if you haven’t already. Other pages on our site will continuously provide updates and voting assistance throughout every Judicial, Legislative, and Executive branches of the election. Our purpose is to mandate empowerment for women of all ages and races as well as minorities. We are going to hold elected officials accountable and it starts today via taking back and improving our black and minority businesses. Inherently our families and communities will reap the benefits of these actions. Today tell another HBCU grad to buy black and increase our POCKETPOWER. It’s not a racial thing, we actually encourage anyone and everyone in any small business to advertise and enjoy our marketplace focused on helping those who have been ignored during this pandemic. Unlike Jared Kushner who has gotten a few hundred million being 45’s son in law via Sallie Mae, we the people have to network and build our communities within first. Enroll, educate, and participate in this movement today. Indeed, tell a friend, post on Facebook, TikTok, Instagram, Twitter, or any and all social media sites this uprising and its goals. Today we take back your POWER and promote healthy minds, bodies, and relationships. Killer Mike and his GREENWOOD bank are exactly what we need to invest in and utilize today. Get your child a savings account and teach them how, why, and when to build and use money properly. Quit wasting time and money on foolishness as directed by those who don’t love or care about you, your family, or anything else but your money. It starts today, it starts now and it’s in your POWER.

#Talley& Twine Watch Company



To all my classmates at CSU/BU graduate consortium, KEEP GOING. Dr. Bridal Pearson, Dr. Walker, and Dr. John L. Hudgins, I am blessed because of you. Thank you. Dr. Mary Owens-Southall, there isn’t another soul on earth that loves the city of Baltimore and I can’t thank you enough. Whether it was Congressman Cummings or the Mayor, you’re always there providing opportunities.

Lawrence C. Gray Jr. – M. ed. CEO AMBLP.com – You sir are more than a person who played basketball. Your dedication to kids from diverse and at-risk populations is unmatched and unparalleled. One day when it’s all said and done, folks will realize how blessed they were to have you in their lives and teaching their kids. Midnight Basketball Chapters are across the country and need your help in reducing crime and increasing knowledge. Visit the site and link attached and be the difference!! I love ya, sir, I thank you. Be Blessed and tell Mama Gray, we are almost there.

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