November 27, 2020 is the beginning of BLACK FRIDAY 2020 and the expected trillion-dollar run begins. Where we line up and sign up for luxurious items that are “gifts” celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ. Indeed, this country was built on the backs of black and brown men and women. We simply can’t ignore the huge contributions of intelligence in every field of human endeavor regarding the makeup of this country and black people.

It is in that stead that we created BLACK FRIDAY 2020. It’s simple and quite necessary for many of our community and family businesses to survive. As the pandemic rages for round 2, we present your opportunity to increase your spending POWER and save your communities.

It’s a 3 step process.

1.) Outline your business model and description for everyone to read,
research, review, and gain whatever necessary data needed to purchase
or contact you and your business. Tell some people. Your website’s
favorite website.
2.) Once reviewed and properly aligned with your business model, upload
to our site for the year. Tell some people.
3.) Prepare to empty your stock by Christmas. Tell everyone you know to
shop and buy via Your website’s favorite website. is about that proverbial smoke. We foster an opportunity to make our communities and families GREAT AGAIN. Comprehending the healthy healing is paramount to achieving success, we continue to push for the underdogs and at-risk populace.

This country was established on the backs of black and brown families. We owe them every opportunity to assist with healing and more importantly saving any and all businesses that have been ignored during this administration. We know that there’s more good than bad out there, but 71 million is a lot of folks supporting fascism and oppression. wants to DOMINATE sales and networking this holiday season. Guarantee that we save many of these small and minority businesses. Elevate your mind and understand that we control how many of these businesses close. I’m betting and banking on BLACK FRIDAY 2020.

From getting nails done, writing books, producing music, selling shoes and clothes, traveling, driving, tutoring, handiwork, and more. Present your product your way and in your own words. That’s the circle and WE ARE THE POWER.

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