“May you attract others who speak your language so you don’t have to spend a lifetime translating your SOUL.”

Circleofpower.net is prepared to assist you with manifesting your dreams and
goals in sustaining and improving your business. Designed and created by
HBCU grads with a purpose to Produce an HBCU and WOMEN’S
EMPOWERMENT & DIVINE9 Business Marketing Directory. You are THE
TALENTED TENTH and along with our established and flourishing inner-city brothers and sisters we are going to create, foster, and build our own
network. We have the tools and resources to act on our intentions to sustain
and promote our visions.

Circleofpower.net is unabashedly looking for the Talley&Twine watch
wearing, Frank Black shoe sporting and Greenwood bank card carrying folks.
Understanding the investments in Greenwood directly build opportunities for
more black business owners, circleofpower.net encourages you to open an
account today!!! We acknowledge the POWER of unity and collaborative
efforts and the IMPACT at circleofpower.net, and it will remain at the
forefront of every altruistic endeavor we produce for our network of
Sapiosexual achievers. We wil have an opinion page and we encourage and
promote any and all open and honest professional feedback and we will print
those letters and emails with permission and verbatim. Circleofpower.net is
for the network and about the network. We are professionals and producers,
yet, products of our environments and we all are striving to manifest our
BEST selves. Indeed, look no further than what was achieved in Georgia with
unity and cohesion. We have only just begun to truly recognize the POWER
within our ranks.

Growing up with parents who were conditioned to believe folks like Minister
Farrakhan were “bad” people was something that I learned to overcome with
FACTS and actual experiences in my HBCU growth. Understanding that pro
BLACK self-love and promoting pro-Black businesses and celebrating
BLACK & BROWN women along with ALL women is a brilliant universal trait to embrace and possess. Blessed to attend school with brilliant men and
women who are leaders in every field of endeavor today, it was an effort of
several fraternities and sorority members that led to our website and subsequent goals.

Circleofpower.net has a core set of values consisting of GOD, Family, and
Fraternity. Dedicated to service in our community and providing
evidence-based voting knowledge and today’s-best business promotion
marketing produced opportunities for established and newly forming
minority and women’s businesses. We will always be guided by supporting
evidence-based research, which we will always keep up to date with
continuing professional development and independent learning. Our desire is
to be THE “ILLMATIC” of websites. Remember when you first heard those
strings on the “New York State of Mind?” We will always be your best option.
We want feedback on how to get better. Thank you.

Registration is literally a 2-minute process. We ask you to take 10 minutes and review our website and its opportunities and initiate the production of your business. No doubt, the entrepreneurs we became in HBCU cafes and classrooms without air conditioning continue to manifest within. Tired of being apart of the “capitalistic” movement for others, while knowingly possessing the skills to achieve far and beyond even our own limited imaginations.

One of my favorite pastimes is reading and researching our rich history of
achieving minority men and women. Reginald F. Lewis is my personal
favorite and he lived by the mantra, “Why Should White Guys Have All The
Fun?” In that stead and purpose, circleofpower.net encourages you to not
only begin promoting your business, but to spread the word to others. We are
going to produce the traffic, you only need to provide opportunity with your
products, services, or promotional for other consumers and like minded
visitors. Indeed, we are purchasing social media marketing to increase traffic,
but, we maintain that personal and direct feedback from you is our best
opportunity to succeed and develop the site we initially designed. We are
utilizing social media via HBCU pride and connections. We are UNITY and
we want to be your everything and anything HBCU and DIVINE9 for every
HOMECOMING 2021. Set up your official “TAILGATE” updates on our
website. We are going to be “Your website’s Favorite Website.”



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